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Romantic Love Story of lisa

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Romantic Love Story of lisa

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 25, 2010 11:57 am

At times I would get disillusioned to the point that I would deactivate my accounts. I work on a cruise ship and dating is complicated so occasionally I would exchange numbers with or chat with men online. I made a few connections with the plan to meet them when I went home to California on vacation.

I'd been home exactly one month with a handful of more unsuccessful first dates. One day I found a new site that appealed to me. I completed the prerequisite profile and loaded my pictures. I began to browse the profiles.

Day three on the site I noticed a warm and inviting face matched with an equally stimulating and appealing profile. His expressed desires were exactly what I was looking for. I sent him a note not expecting a response. My note said simply, "I like your profile."

A day later he replied. It was very casual at first and I thought, "Hmmm he is not that interested." I later found out that it was initially because my pictures had not been approved and he was looking at a profile with no picture and that made him pause. We sent emails back and forth on the site and then agreed to meet on an instant messenger. We began to chat and it started to flow smoothly when I realized that he had not seen my pictures I forwarded them immediately.

We chatted for nearly 4 hours and then got on the phone. His voice was incredible I felt soothed and comforted and quite pleasantly surprised at what I was feeling. That first conversation lasted nearly 10 hours. We made plans to call each other the next day. The following day was Saturday and we talked and agreed to meet at a local bookstore. I arrived before he did and went about my business of browsing at books and music. My phone rang and he was in the store! I told him what aisle I was in and then peeked my head from behind the bookshelf. He was glorious! He walked right passed me and then started to giggle. I said, "You just walked passed me!" he smiled and said something really cute about a girl he just passed on the phone and how good she looked...but he kept walking and toying with me...

Finally, he joined me in the aisle and we looked at each other and instantly I knew. I knew that I could look into those eyes forever. At that very moment he said, "You have incredible eyes. I can barely look into them" The intensity continued - we both felt it but we had a great time shopping and joking. I loved that he was an avid reader and made recommendations, it was like I was hanging out with an old friend. We followed that by dinner and we, "Put our cards on the table." that's what he calls it. We talked about everything and revealed our intentions, ambitions, fears and hopes....We didn't want the evening to end and went to another novelty store and had a blast! It happened, we stood in each other's space and leaned into it. I felt like I was home!

As we approached the car I sat in the driver's seat and said, "I'm not ready to go yet do you want to take a road trip?" We listened to and talked intently about music went to the coast and found a really neat coffee shop. As we cuddled on the couch the reality of what was happening became real to me. I knew that I had never felt nor would I ever feel this way again. This feeling was confirmed with our first kiss. We both looked at each other and confirmed, "This really is it isn't it?" I drove him to his car and we both went our separate ways. As soon as I got home we talked on the phone. We talked for hours and as the sun rose I asked, "What are you doing for breakfast?" We talked longer and then met for breakfast at a restaurant. We'd not slept in nearly 24hrs and both of us looked refreshed and excited at what was happening. The familiarity was instant.

After breakfast I invited him to my apartment to watch a movie I picked up the night before, he had already seen it but agreed that it was a good choice. The comfort was amazing, we laughed we talked we giggled as if we were a couple that had been together for years. That was yesterday! Last night before we both fell to sleep he whispered that he would like to get married. I was shocked and held back the tears.

We woke up this morning and talked as we do constantly in each other's presence. He took the day off from work today. When we woke he asked me if I would like to get married today. That is exactly what we did! We went to the courthouse in casual clothes had not eaten breakfast or lunch, we didn't even have a witness or a ring. We took our vows and giggled all the way to the car as we thought this is the best day of our lives but what will our family and friends say? We followed our ceremony with a trip to the jewelry store to purchase our rings. Once mine was chosen and purchased he got on he knee.

We continued the day the way our relationship started, just dining and shopping and hanging out having fun. We've started to tell the families. Of course they are happy and then the question is asked, "How long have you known each other." That question makes me freeze but his humor and confidence shines when he replies with a smile, "What time is it?"

My strength will be coming from him I'm sure. Well I end this novel for now as I go about the business of being a wife....I've heard it said, "When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want the rest of your life to start right now!"

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