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Earn More Money from Adbrite

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Actually there's two scenario how Using Adbrite will earn you more than GA(Google Adsense)
1. Do it clean. fill you site with nice content and also try to impove your content quality all the time, and keep stabile to write your post periodically. (then you must said : what the hell?? this is not the information i was lookin for!) and then you was right there were no such things!! play clean to ear more with adbrite compared to GA. i say it honest : tha'ts IMPOSIBLE (unless, you have been banned by Google adsense lately ,lol)
2. THIS must the way you want it. Do it dirty! quick, and of course Easy money!!
Like i tell u before, the adbrite security is not that hard to be break! yeah its true,i mean it. I myself have earn over 300$ in a month. Then if u think that's not so much..I'm telling you why at the end of this post. be calm..=)

Just like the-old fashioned-scenario
thieves most important principal :
To be a good thieves u need to know who are u gonna robbed and HOW you gonna do that!!
YES i'm tell u this article(where u can't find it anywhere on the net)..but please understand that i never suggest you to do this...further more i'm still sugest you to play clean with it.

the simple sentence is:
okay2 here it is..

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This is a noob. This guy knows almost nothing about web technology or network architecture. He clicks on his ads every time he has chance. It can be a few clicks to hundreds of clicks daily. Most likely he doesn’t even read the adbrite Program Policies and Terms and Conditions.

2. Proxy clicker cheat

She knows a thing or two about cookies and IP address. Or she doesn’t know, but somehow guessed that if she use the things called anonymizer, adbrite will not be able to trace her, because her identity is hidden. She may use anonymizer / proxy websites or specialized anonymous software like tor (The Onion Router).

3. Multiple computer clicker cheat

He knows that somehow adbrite will detect if the clicks are originated from his own computer. So he will try to even out origin of the clicks. He will recruit his friends, family members, relatives, neighbors, his cats, and his dogs on single mission: to click on the ads. He will also click on the adbrite ads when he is using the library computers, or his office workstation.

4. Software clicker cheat
Graduate to the next step is buyers of clickbots / click-bots. These are specialized robot software to click on adbrite ads. It will browse around your websites, clicking on the ads every few minutes. The more advanced ones will cloak the IP address too, so the website seems to be very popular worldwide. To cover the track, this clickbots will browse around the advertisers sites too while continuing its “click quest”.

5. Paid-clickers cheat

If you don’t like automated things, there is always other option for you. Just pay $50 dollars a month to the professional adbrite clickers. These are groups of highly specialized Internet surfers with office in the dark rooms in street corners of India, Pakistan, and China, helping adbrite account owner to earn good amounts of money � before the adbrite account is disabled, that is. They will browse around your websites, clicking on the ads every few minutes. Because they use human eyes, they know which ads worth more. And to be more convincing they can click a link or two, or sign up free offers / newsletters on the advertiser sites.

6. Click-rings cheat

Network is power. So says many business gurus. Instead of taking things to their own hand, this people realize that they can join hands with those with similar goals and distribute adbrite clicks among themselves, the so called adbrite click-rings. Joining this click-ring network means that your website address will be made known to members, who will regularly browse the website and click on your adbrite ads. In exchange, you will also browse other members’ sites and click on their adbrite ads. The medium used varies. Some click-ring groups use mail-list for communications. Some are using bulletin boards/forum, Yahoo groups, or Usenet. IRC is another popular way. Slightly more complicated is specialized adbrite exchange software for collecting members website address and displaying others’ websites for clicking.

7. Other medium cheat

I have tens of thousands email address on my newsletter subscriber list. If I include adbrite ads on my newsletters, with 5% CTR, I can get a thousand clicks per one email. Not bad. Or I can pay someone to write some useful/nice/funny/cute toolbars or firefox extensions or screensavers that people can download and use for free, and display my adbrite ads there.

8. Visitor cheat

Simply putting “Visit out sponsors” or “Check out the ads above” on your website is cheating. This might not be very clear-cut cheat to some. But adbrite adbrite program policies has stated clearly, the only text allowed are “Advertisements” or “Sponsored List”

9. Spam cheat

This is the highest level all click-frauds, the Maestro of Fraudsters. She spams millions of emails regularly, offering to “satisfy your inner needs if you can help me check on the links on my website”. Of course, email is not the only way. What IRC and instant messaging (IM) are for, after all. She will look for unsuspecting victims, offering something too-good-to-be-true “if only they will visit the website and click on the links”.

10. Click-through-rate cheat

Whichever method(s) above used, there is one limiting condition: the CTR(click-though-rate). Any CTR that exceeds certain percentage (probably around 10%) will raise red flag in adbrite adbrite back room. To lower the CTR, the professional cheaters will create some pages on the same domain that attracts very high traffic. Some interesting freebies will sure do the tricks. adbrite code is pasted there, thus creating a very high page impressions. Whether or not the the ads are clicked does not matter anyway, because they are targeting low paying kjavascript:emoticonp('No')
Noeyword that does not have much competition. The fake clicks are, of course, on where the big money is, the low traffic pages stuffed with high-paying keywords.

THEN, after read should measure yourself How advance are you ( a noob or a maestro: u name it)
BUT you MUST also read my next post : Why Not to Cheat (or To Cheat) Adbrite??

to give you a wider perception before u take ur next step.


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